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Bonnie Olson

Bonnie Olson


Bonnie Olson, Principal, has a broad, 35-year history in human services, community planning and public policy, multi-disciplinary teams, and work with diverse cultures. Ms. Olson has worked with Boards of Directors, governmental entities, community-based nonprofit organizations, advisory groups and community-coalitions. Read more


Arianda (Ari) Crosby

Operations Manager

Arianda (Ari) provides Operations Support at Emerging Design. Communication is a large part of her daily tasks: coordinating contractor team meetings and managing logistics for focus groups. Her work in the office includes creating excel spreadsheets, managing budget expenses and supplies. She also designs marketing materials. Read more

Bonnie Olson


Projects Coordinator

Mora is responsible for coordinating the multi-cultural and multi-lingual teams on Community Engagement projects. She ensures smooth implementation of project strategies and compiles all project data. Mora also works with nonprofits on internal management systems, helping them improve their documentation to be able to showcase the work they do in the community. Read more



Flora Ybarra

Associate staff

Flora Ybarra is a community organizer, working closely with Latino families throughout King County for social justice. She is passionate about opening doors for Latino families to participate in local affairs. Read more

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Associate staff

Thea Ok is a very versatile, skilled community advocate, serving the Cambodian community in many ways. Thea is a trainer, case manager, community advocate and supervisor. She provides direct support to families and parents, and trains and mentors community members to serve others. She is a close Associate of Emerging Design, and has worked with us on many projects, providing community education and recruitment, training and group facilitation, to ensure Cambodian community members can participate in all aspects of self-care and community life. Read more

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Liz Davis

Associate Staff

Liz Davis is a Seattle native dedicated to serving undeserved groups and communities. Liz's work includes: Founder of Walkable Central District and Fat Liz Transformation (2011- A walking and weight loss group with a personal 200 pound weight loss performance targeting African American and Pacific Northwest communities). She is co-founder of the Parental Empowerment for Educational Results group in the Seattle Housing Authority's Yesler Terrace community. Read more