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Strategic Planning

Wide range of tools for strategic planning, facilitate planning sessions, and produce full planning documents. We specialize in planning that engages broad constituents and allies for larger vision and long-term support.

We conduct strategic planning for community-based organizations, networks, coalitions and membership organizations, and public entities. We facilitate ground-breaking

  • Multi-year comprehensive plans
  • Board and staff retreats
  • Use of innovative inquiry to discover new perspectives
  • Expand effective reach through engaging partners, clients and allies

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Inclusive Outreach and Community Engagement

Emerging Design Consulting provides community outreach, focus groups, survey tools and community engagement processes that are flexible, participatory and respectful of each person’s contributions.

We can assist public entities to meet their equity goals, serving as a bridge between local government agencies and their diverse constituents.

Connect with diverse communities for genuine input - on issues and policies, community services, and new programming. Emerging Design Consulting has extensive experience in producing top quality input, and designing processes to maximize long-term involvement.

  • Community forums and large stakeholder sessions
  • Focus groups
  • Interviews and surveys
  • Conduct outreach and engagement in multiple languages

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Public Policy Development

Topic areas - Human Services, community development, economic development, housing plans

We can provide a full range of service to create planning documents:

  • Include diverse stakeholders for policy input
  • Participatory processes for cross-department strategies
  • Draft policies and present to commissions and councils
  • Produce final planning documents
  • Increase social justice and racial equity
  • Address institutional racism and eliminate policies and practices that maintain white privilege
  • Facilitate diverse partnerships to increase equity and expand voices at the table
  • Change last two bullets to be one: draft policies and produce reports and analysis

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Capacity Building

Organization capacity assessments and strategies to build and strengthen your organization; board of director training, and team building. We specialize in working with small non-profits and can assist in building infrastructure – meeting contract deliverables, planning for staff needs, financial tracking and documenting services.

Build Community capacity through collaborative planning, and developing capacity system-wide

  • Forming new collaborations and partnerships
  • Future Search conferences – a large-scale change model, that “gets the whole system in the room” for 3-day visioning and action planning around a complex issue
  • Wide variety of participatory tools for community planning – open space, mind mapping, storytelling, dialogue, appreciative inquiry

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Research and Feasibility Studies

Conduct national research and identify Best Practices.

identify best practices and innovations, funding and grant research

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  • Partnerships and collaborations,
  • Board of Director training,
  • Strategic planning,
  • Program planning,
  • Diverse community outreach and engagement,
  • Cultural competence,